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Ultimate Frisbee

Sep 01 2016

On the morning of the 1st of September our St. Stephen’s, Khao Yai boys and girls did battle on very long Ultimate Frisbee pitches.

The intensity was visible on early among the boys, but the girls looked like they were still in bed. As everyone warmed up and started to get their teamwork together catches started to stick, players moved into space and passing became easier.

Special mentions go to ‘First to the Frisbee’ Arpo, ‘In your Face’ Chompoo, ‘Pass and Run’ Junior and ‘You think you’re are going to catch that but you’re not’ Po.

In the end, the Yellow boys’ team was strongest winning both games with Blue fighting hard to get second place. The girls’ competition was close with Blue having the edge in skill and running, but Red were very consistent drawing both games with Ant good in defense and attack through good game awareness.

YELLOW – 17         BLUE – 17         RED – 9

YELLOW – 37         BLUE – 37         RED – 39