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Performing Arts

Instrumental Programme

There is vibrant range of performing arts to participate in at St. Stephen’s including traditional Thai dancing, a comprehensive peripatetic music programme, rock bands and whole school productions. 


A very diverse and popular Instrumental Programme is offered on a termly basis, although students are encouraged to sign up to lessons on an annual basis.  All lessons are offered after school between 15:00 to 17:30. Usually lessons are on a 1:1 basis but group lessons are possible.  Students may also choose to study and take the Trinity Music Grade Examinations.  Musical tuition is available for the following instruments. For students playing other instruments that may not be on the list, it is usually possible to arrange lessons.

Piano Keyboard Voice Violin  Viola
Flute Clarinet Saxophone Trumpet Guitar
Bass Ukulele Drum kit Rock Band (Group)  
Khim (ขิม) Ja-Ke (จะเข้)  Saw-u (ซออู้) 


Ranad-aek (ระนาดเอก)
Ranad-tum (ระนาดทุ้ม)    Khong (ฆ้อง)      

Musical Performances

The Music Assembly and the Talent Show are very popular whole school annual musical events with students from across the primary and secondary sections of the school taking part and performing in front of parents and peers. Students have many other opportunities to use their musical skills such as in the Thai Festivals, Chinese New Year, The Prom and even performances in the Canteen!


The school has a proud history of producing some fantastic productions. These range from whole school productions on The Stage including both the primary and sections of the school to full blown sophisticated plays by secondary in the Drama Studio. Examples have been Oliver, The Tempest, A Christmas Carol and An Inspector Calls.   Every student has their chance to be in the limelight.