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Our Vision


At St. Stephen’s, we believe in educating students, not simply to be survivors in a competitive world, but to become good leaders of their communities. Students will be equipped with wide-ranging knowledge and skills, with the ability to apply these as they keep abreast of ever-changing technological advancements.

Life experience skills will be cultivated in students so that they understand themselves and society, maintain good health, ever enrich their wisdom, are self-reliant, honourable and disciplined, as well as being honest young citizens of the future. They will develop a sense of pride in their nationality and be respectful of all others. Fundamentally, they will be capable of critical thinking and possess highly effective communication skills.


Mr. Kris Assakul - Late Founder and Ex-Chairman
Ocean Life Insurance Company Limited



To be a leading international school embracing 
the best principles of East and West 
to create tomorrow’s generation of global leaders


Leadership in the Making – to Create 
Tomorrow’s Leaders Today”

We accomplish this by offering students of all nationalities, from Early Years up to University Entrance Level, a broad balanced and challenging curriculum through the use of the English language. We encourage all students to strive for excellence in all that they do, both in their academic studies and personal lives, and we guide them on their journey to becoming effective and compassionate citizens and leaders. At St. Stephen’s, we develop a culture and a community of learners within a special East meets West educational environment.


East Meets west

The School aims to integrate the best of both Western and Eastern educational practice and values, by providing structured programmes which encourage investigative learning. The development of students’ awareness and appreciation of Western cultural traditions is also balanced with a firm emphasis on honouring and respecting Thai and Asian cultural values and traditions.

Learning by doing

The School aims to provide a highly structured “hands-on” approach to learning where students are given opportunities to develop skills through practical investigation, research, and, once having practised  and acquired these skills, be able to guide their own future learning.

Disciplined lifestyle

The School aims to develop students’ self-discipline and self-reliance, as well as an understanding of themselves in the world around them. Students are also encouraged to pursue a healthy lifestyle through participation in physical activities within a caring and supportive school environment.