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Leadership and Co-operation

Aug 30 2018

Students are currently focussing upon co-operation - one of the dispositions in their Learner Profile.  Year 3 and 4 students co-operated very well this week when Year 11 biology students worked with them to study the reaction time of different lengths of nervous system connections.

Tests included:
1. Hand to hand (receptor to effector)
2. Shoulder to hand (receptor to effector)
3. Shoulder to opposite hand (receptor to effector with decision making)

Year 11 biology students organised data into a table, graphed data to compare length of nerve connection to response time, and analysed the importance of reflex arcs.  The Year 11 students also had the opportunity to develop their leadership skills as they organised and led the activity with their primary school peers.

All of the students enjoyed the activity and it was a great opportunity for the Year 11 to be excellent role models to Year 3 and Year 4.