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Khao Yai Field Trip Y7

Jan 11 2017

In keeping with the school’s tradition of learning by doing, Year 7 spent Wednesday 11th January in Khao Yai National Park. Armed with a workbook and suitable science and geography equipment they carried out a series of practical tasks. The tasks were activities that either supported work in the classroom, or introduced a topic that was best learnt in a practical environment. At Nong Pak Chi watch tower students learnt to use quadrats and make step point transects to determine vegetation coverage. They carried out an investigation to determine the pH of the soil. They made geography field sketches of the area, and lay on the ground with their eyes closed to make a sound map to determine from where noises were coming.

After completing these, and several other activities, it was a ten minute walk through the forest to the river where river studies were carried out. These activities included using kick nets, making a water filter using stones, leaves, grass and sand. The pH of the water was found (it was slightly acid).

Then it was the walk back in the van and off to the visitor centre for lunch. After lunch students spent an hour in the visitor centre where they had to find information about the exhibits to answer questions in their workbook.

It was then back in the van (where everyone fell asleep) for the journey back to school.