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Dorm Trip

Feb 06 2017

This year’s was the best dorm trip I’ve ever been on. On Saturday, which was the first day of the trip, we did lots of walking, hiking and exploring it was fun and I liked it. Before the Night Safari I had a BBQ for dinner. I helped my friends set up the tents and we made a fire for the BBQ. I enjoyed the BBQ for dinner; the food was delicious, especially the marshmallows. After we had dinner we then went to the Night Safari and hiking which was my favourite part about the trip. I got to see animals and have an experience of what’s it like up in the mountains. The next day we went to Senical World, it was really exciting for us and I had fun on the rides. My favourite was The Wave it was like swimming in an ocean storm it was very fun until I couldn’t stop playing it. After the time at Senical World we went to Tesco Lotus to chill out and when we’re done we went back to school. Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to all of the staff who took care of us and our safety. I hope we can have a trip like this again; it was great and joyful.