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Chiang Mai Trip

Jan 23 2017

From the 16th to 21st January 2017, Y8 SISKY students packed their suitcases and set off for a week of adventure, inspiration and poetry in Chiang Mai as part of an English and Eco-Awareness trip, supported by The Howling Gibbon Outdoor Education Centre.

Taking inspiration from their experiences and surroundings and the Thai poet Angkarn Chanthathip, students participated in writing workshops and created their own poetry anthologies. Their visit culminated in a performance of their poetry at Baan Kang Wat, Chiang Mai's Artists' village.

As stimuli for their writing, students visited Chiang Mai’s Art in Paradise museum, watched a Kantoke performance, explored Thailand’s highest mountain and spent a day learning about and interacting with elephants.

Throughout the activities and experiences, students were also guided to think about how they can make a more positive impact on the environment and support sustainable companies across Thailand. The students turned elephant poo into paper and later supported the regeneration of Thai forests around Doi Suthelp by planting seeds and preparing seedlings with FORRU (Forest Restoration Research Unit).

It was a great learning opportunity for all; with students gaining new knowledge about metaphors, rhythm and verse; sustainability, ecological footprints and climate change, and some students even learned how to tie fisherman pants.