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Songkran 2024

Apr 12 2024

St. Stephen’s celebrated its annual Songkran Festival on Friday, April 5th, offering an immersive cultural showcase with captivating Thai performances. These included the Bai Sri Su Kwan Dance, a choreographed piece titled “Nai Nam Mee Bplaa Nai Naa Mee Kaao”, and the Puppet dance from Joe Louis Theatre depicting the Encounter between Hanuman and Macchanu.
After these captivating performances, our students embraced the rich Songkran traditions by participating in water offering ceremonies to the Buddha image and teaching staff. Later in the afternoon, both students and teaching staff enjoyed a bonding session with water play in the field.

Witnessing the unity and cultural pride displayed as both students and teaching staff embraced the occasion was truly inspiring. They adorned colourful Songkran shirts and Thai attire, marking the festivities together and creating a vibrant atmosphere filled with energy and positivity as everyone actively participated in the celebration.