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Our Learning

Internationalism at St. Stephen's

St. Stephen's believes in taking the best practices of Western International Education, whilst harnessing the national characteristics of Thai culture and promoting the values so important in Thai society.

Internationalism will encompass: Thai-ness within a global society, the rights and responsibilities of a global citizen, empathy and service to others, conflict resolution, and sustainable development in our increasingly interconnected world.

A Member of the St. Stephen's Community:

  • Is developing a strong awareness of the Thai language, culture and its importance for them, but is also aware that other languages, cultures and beliefs are just as important for others.
  • Takes pride in their own nationality and honours and respects its traditions, but is also curious about others and respects their differences.
  • Is acquiring a strong knowledge and understanding of alternative customs and cultures.
  • Is developing a depth of knowledge of national and global issues.
  • Is seeking to become an active and engaged leader in both the local community and the wider world.
  • Is developing effective communication skills, especially in Thai, English and Mandarin.

Definition of Learning

Learning at St. Stephen's is defined as:

“The acquisition, consolidation, development and application of knowledge, skills, understanding and dispositions. It is a lifelong process which can be applied in a range of social and academic contexts.”

Learner Profile at St. Stephen's

St. Stephen's aims to send out into the world young people who will be confident and comfortable in whatever situation or setting they find themselves.

We aim to develop students who are:

  • cooperative
  • inquisitive
  • respectful
  • adaptable
  • resilient
  • able to communicate effectively
  • compassionate
  • risk takers
  • health conscious
  • creative
  • reflective 
  • technologically adept
  • internationally minded

and who have:

  • integrity
  • leadership qualities