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Year 9 trip to Ayutthaya

Oct 20 2020

 Year 9 made a trip up to Ayutthaya, visiting Wat Yai Chai Mongkol, Ayutthaya Historical Park and Baan Hollanda. Students had the opportunity to carry out Geographical Fieldwork which they will use to support their learning in Term 2. They completed a survey around the temple and Historical Park, asking tourists about their experiences and reasons for coming to Ayutthaya, and also carried out traffic and pedestrian counts; made field sketches, and considered land-use changes. The surveys, at a time when tourist numbers are greatly reduced due to Covid-19, provide useful comparitive data with previous years. The tour of the Baan Hollanda Museum provided information about the friendship between Siam and Holland and the V.O.C. (Dutch trading company) that settled in the Ancient City of Ayutthaya. They also had an opportunity to learn about some of the technology that the Netherlands has used to help them manage rising sea levels and changing climates which helped to bring this past term’s study of Bangkok’s development and how we will have to address similar solutions in the future to a close.