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Year 6 - 7 transition

Jun 05 2020

Year 6 - 7 transition continues to be an excellent opportunity for students to learn about secondary school. Over the last three weeks, Year 6 have been attending taster lessons in Mathematics, English and Science. Ms. Kellie has also enjoyed attending Year 6 form time. This week, she asked students to describe their emotions about moving to secondary, and to choose an object from home that symbolised these emotions in some way. Feelings of excitement, adventure, challenge, fun and progression were all discussed, and examples are displayed below. Ms. Kellie, and the Year 7 Form Tutors, look forward to meeting parents in our online transition meeting, on Wednesday 10th June. The final activity for students will take place on Wednesday 17th June, when secondary staff will deliver the Year 6 - 7 transition day.