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Year 3 Thai trip to Ancient City

Mar 09 2022

To integrate Thai culture into Thai lessons, the Thai department organised a Thai field trip to Ancient City for Year 3 students on Thursday, March 3rd.
Our students had a great time learning about Thai culture and history on the tour of the Ancient City. They were enthralled while riding in a tram and exploring replicas of important temples and historic buildings from various eras, such as Phra Si Sanphet Prasart, Khun Phaen House, Dusit Maha Prasart Palace, Wat Phumin, Prasart Phra Wihan, the Old Market Town, and Phra Sumeru Mountain, as well as the Royal Water Course Procession.
This was a great chance for students to learn about Thailand's rich heritage and the various architectural styles found throughout the country.