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Year 2 Thai field trip to Sampran Riverside

May 11 2022

To give the Year 2 students a hands-on experience with Thai culture, the Thai department arranged a Thai field trip to Sampran Riverside in Nakhon Pathom on Thursday, May 5th.
Our students had a great time learning various Thai activities such as making cards with local Thai flowers, weaving fish from coconut leaves, producing organic fertiliser from earthworm castings, making eco-friendly pesticide from local herbs, making Thai dessert from bananas, growing trees in pots and making Thai herbal toothpaste and herbal massaging oil. They also had a good time playing coconut bowling and learning about rice cultivation firsthand.
This was an excellent opportunity for students to learn about Thai folklore while enjoying the natural features of Sampran Riverside.
The teachers in charge of organising this trip made a pre-visit to the site in order to plan a safe trip for all students, in accordance with the school's consideration of the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

More information: https://bit.ly/3yxrGnN