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We are Superheroes

Jan 20 2022

All the children in Reception class this week have been doing lots of learning linked to Superheroes. Our book focus this week is called Supertato. The children have produced some amazing work. They have created their very own Super veg made from potatoes and carrots using lots of crafts and different materials. The children have also used the iPads for the first time. They took photos of each other and then using the paint function the children turned themselves into the most amazing Superheroes. We had some fantastic designs. The drew a cape, belt and mask to show their identity. The children have also been busy creating wanted posters to catch the Evil Pea, planned and made a trap to capture the Evil Pea and also made their very own masks and worn capes to show off their superhero powers. Have a look at their fabulous work. 
Well done Sapphire and Opal class you are all little Superheroes. 

More information: https://bit.ly/3tHn3oN