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Wai Kru 2023

Sep 29 2023

St. Stephen's International School celebrated the annual Wai Kru ceremony on September 28th and 29th, 2023. This Thai cultural event signifies students' deep respect and gratitude towards their teachers for imparting knowledge. The celebrations brought students and teachers together in a spirit of respect, creativity, and unity.

A highlight of the celebrations was the Flower Tray Contest, with outstanding displays by Year 3KS, Year 4EW, Year 5PC, Year 6T, Year 8SL, Year 9PA, and Year 11RC. Year 6 students delivered an inspiring speech emphasising gratitude and respect, followed by performances by the Year 6 choir, Sixth Form Choir, and talented students Mai (Year 12) and Murfin (Year 13). This event reinforced the strong bond between teachers and students while promoting cherished values. It was also wonderful to be able to invite the parents of our youngest children to join the Early years ceremony too.