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Secondary Loy Krathong 2020

Nov 03 2020

Last Friday was a very auspicious day in the calendar, with the whole of St. Stephen's joining together  to participate in a traditional Thai festival; Loy Krathong. Students and staff alike dressed in a  variety of colourful costumes representing the whole strata of Thailand, culminating in the  making of traditional krathongs from banana stems and leaves, flowers and other natural materials which were set afloat on Saturday on the various waterways around Bangkok by our students and their families. This special Festival Day saw wonderful, lively and uplifting  performances on stage including a Loy Krathong celebration from four different regions of Thailand and a fashion show of the National Costumes of five Asian Countries.
Loy Krathong was made especially joyful this year by the wonderful music provided by the vocalists and instrumentalists of the SIS Fusion Band - a harmonious collaboration of eastern and western sounds.  A strong rhythm section of piano (Ing), bass guitar (Jazz), electric guitar (Oui Pern) and drums (Maleng Por) was joined by ranard eak (Murfin), violins (Fay, Mook K, Mok, Oscar), saw duang (Cherry), flutes (Mickey and Poon), jakhae (Kin), cello (Thee), khim (Jin Jin), solo guitar (Oui Pern), and singers (Rin, Mai, Niji, Baibua, Praemai, Mangpor). The music was so delightful that, after each solo or group had performed, the audience broke out into spontaneous applause. St. Stephen's on Friday afternoon was truly the place “Where East meets West”.