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Q&A Session with Save the Children

Oct 19 2023

5LD enjoyed a Q & A session over Zoom with Melinda - a project manager from the organisation 'Save the Children' recently. As part of the Year 5 IPC unit, 'Moving People', the children have been learning about human migration, starting from our early ancestors who left Africa; the early civilisations of the Middle East and Asia; Australia's First Fleet right up to today's timely topic of climate refugees. 

One aspect of the IPC topic was for the class to research the role of organisations and charities such as 'Save the Children'. Ms Melinda spoke about her history working all over the world, visiting refugee camps. The children had plenty of questions for Melinda. "How long do people stay in the refugee camps?" "Do refugees get to choose where they end up living after fleeing?" 

Ms Melinda said she was impressed with the children's knowledge of the topic and shared some videos of projects she has been part of. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the topic by listening to somebody who has such experience and it has certainly made the topic come alive.