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The Mandarin courses in Secondary School

Mar 16 2022

Mandarin is studied in St. Stephen's Secondary school by all students from Year 7 to Year 9. It can then be studied at IGCSE, AS and A Level from Year 10  to Year 13.
In a world where students are likely to study and work overseas, the place of foreign languages has never been more important. The strong historical and contemporary links between Thailand and China means that Mandarin has a most important place in our curriculum. 

在圣史蒂芬国际学校,中学7 年级至 9 年级的所有学生都在学习中文。接下来的10 年级至 13 年级学生也将学习中文 IGCSE、AS 和 A Level 。
在当今这个学生很可能在海外学习和工作的世界里,外语的地位从未像现在这样重要。 泰国和中国之间强大的历史和当代联系,意味着中文在我们的课程中占有最重要的地位。