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Loy Krathong 2021

Nov 19 2021

Loy Krathong is one of Thailand's most enthralling festivals, celebrated all over the country. St. Stephen's International School held its annual Loy Krathong on Friday, November 19, 2021. In Primary Years, all of the children and staff looked fantastic in their Thai costumes as they arrived at school.
Prior to Loy Krathong Day, Students in Years 1-6 learned about the history of Loy Krathong as well as the distinctive traditions of each region. They also had some fun activities related to the Loy Krathong festival, such as students in Years 1-2 making Loy Krathong paper dolls and students in Years 3-6 learning how to make krathong petals out of banana leaves.

Students from all year groups had a great time making their own krathongs on Loy Krathong Day, with Years 1-2 making krathongs out of paper lotus petals and Years 3-6 making krathongs out of banana stems and banana leaves and decorating with local Thai flowers. Despite the fact that they had to maintain social distance from one another, our students had a great time taking class photos with colourful Lanna-style lanterns and Loy Krathong props specially designed for this joyous occasion.\

To be environmentally conscious, our students brought either paper or cloth bags to carry their krathongs home. Apart from having a great time celebrating this enchanting festival, it also raised our students' awareness of environmental issues and taught them how to preserve the environment while also preserving a long-standing cultural tradition.
In accordance with the school's consideration of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, all Loy Krathong activities this year have been adjusted to fit the measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection.

More Photos: https://bit.ly/32b9TVf