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A Level examination results 2023

Aug 24 2023

St. Stephen’s students have once again achieved an excellent set of results in their A Level examination, in the June 2023 session.

At A Level, grades were outstanding, with 52% of the grades at A*- A. Of particular note were: Jie Hua, with 5 A* grades, Rainna, with 4 A* grades, and Beck, with 2 A* and 2 A grades. 

Principal, John Rolfe, said:

“Many congratulations to all of our students and teachers, who continue to impress despite the challenges they have faced over the last few years. 
The summary grades, although excellent, do not tell the whole story, though, particularly with regards to the achievements of all individuals. Whilst we gladly celebrate the outstanding grades of our brightest students at this time, we also celebrate the achievements of some students who are seriously challenged academically, who did as well as they could and whose grades mean that they, too, will have a pathway to further education. I am proud that our school continues to provide an education for all.”