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The KS3 Awards Assembly

Feb 19 2021

The KS3 Awards Assembly celebrated perfect attendance and punctuality by students in Years 7, 8 and 9 for Term 2a; we all celebrate their achievement.
 A huge congratulations to these students for exceeding expectations, despite the uncertain start to the term.

 Miss Kellie (KS3 Manager) presented certificates to the following students:
Year 7:  PJ, Folkus, Focus, Pitou, Kao-Fang, Chaya, Tan, Primmy, Natty, Karina, Pisith, Ti-ti.
Year 8:  Tata, Com, Waew, Jim, Malaeng-Por, Anda, Mook, Nana, Tita, Kelly.
Year 9: Mac, Lana, Poon, Ying, Veta Sandra, Niji, Muk, Hill, North, Steven, Nano.

In addition, House Awards were given to the following students for achieving the most house points:
Ploen - 1st place
Jim - 2nd place
Mai - 3rd place

A huge 'well done' to all these students in KS3.