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KG Baking: The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Mar 19 2021

This week Ruby Class has been celebrating Book Week.  We used the story The Tiger Who Came To Tea by Judith Kerr to focus our learning around and decided to create our own tea party, just like the one in the book.  In the story, the Tiger eats all of the food and drinks all of the drink so we baked our own stripy, tiger cakes and vanilla biscuits to eat.  We used a real teapot to make and taste tea.  A lot of us did not like the tea so we decided to drink hot chocolate at our tea party.  Finally we wrote invitations for some of the adults in the school. Mr John, Mr Rob and lots of the other Early Years teachers came to join us.  The cakes and biscuits were delicious.

More Photos Link: http://bit.ly/38U1s12