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KG and Reception Mandarin class in garden

Dec 17 2021

The KG and Reception children had fun learning about little creatures from a garden in their Mandarin lessons. The children engaged in a number of activities to help learn the related vocabulary naturally. First, the children were guided to make a pictogram to find out which was the most popular little creature in a class.  Next, the children went into the school garden where they tried to find the little creatures. Although the children could not find all of them, they were very happy to be in the garden on a beautiful sunny day. Afterwards, the children learnt a Mandarin Chant about caterpillars. It is delightful to see how quickly the children managed to chant it. The children had a great time and felt proud of themselves.

在普通话课上, KG 和 Reception 的孩子们快乐地学习了在花园里的小动物。通过一些活动,孩子们自然地掌握有关词汇。 首先,在老师引导下孩子们做了一个象形图,看看班上最受欢迎的小动物是什么。 接下来,他们去了学校的花园去找一找那些小动物。 在阳光明媚的天空下, 虽然孩子们没有找到所有的小动物,但是他们也很享受在花园里的时光。 然后,孩子们学习了一首关于毛毛虫的汉语颂歌。 我很高兴看到孩子们能很快的学会念诵。孩子们都感愉快和自豪。