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The Innovedex Robotics Competition

Jun 28 2023

Last weekend, Years 9 and 11 participated in the Innovedex Robotics Competition held at Debsirin School, Bangkok. Students from all corners of the country gathered to showcase their robotics prowess. Both St. Stephen's teams demonstrated unwavering dedication, working tirelessly from 08:00 - 17:00 on both Saturday and Sunday.  The competition provided a platform for young minds to exhibit their technological and programming skills, fostering an atmosphere of creativity and healthy competition. 
The Junior competition witnessed a victory for our Year 9's against 19 formidable teams. Their robot's lightning-fast completion time of under 19 seconds left everyone in awe of their remarkable achievement. Year 11 also performed very well, but were unfortunately affected by technical issues that kept them out of the top three places.