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Graduation Ceremony 2021

Jun 30 2021

St. Stephen's was proud to hold its Graduation Ceremony for Year 13 students. 15 students and their families visited the school over the course of the morning, ensuring that all groups maintained safe practise whilst not detracting from this eagerly anticipated, enjoyable and auspicious occasion. Each student was presented with their Graduation certificate and a bouquet of flowers by Dr. Visut and Mr. John Rolfe, with plenty of opportunities for family photographs afterwards. This simple ceremony was in contrast to the grander affairs of previous years. That said, students, their families and staff felt that the day was particularly special, as it was so personal and intimate, and allowed far more time to enjoy the family moment which happens just once in a student’s school career. We wish the graduates of 2020-2021 every happiness and the best fortune in their future academic careers, and are proud and grateful that they were our students.

More Photos Link: https://bit.ly/35YQuWt