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Gateways to the World

Feb 24 2020

Year 3 have been enjoying their IPC topic 'Gateways to the World', which is all about airports and air travel. For their exit point, and to celebrate their learning, Year 3 were invited to take over the airport and aeroplane training facility at PIM University. They spent the morning being trained on important stations around the airport, such as checking in passengers, printing boarding passes, preparing and serving food on the aircraft and also re-enacting the very important safety information.
In the afternoon, their parents were treated to a special flight to Narita, Japan on-board PIM Air and were impressed with how knowledgeable, polite and helpful the new airport and airline staff were! They also enjoyed their inflight meal which the children had made in the morning. It was a fantastic day and really brought learning to life for our students. Thank you PIM!