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The Fantasia Festival

Nov 10 2020

After a strange and unusual past few months during the global Covid Pandemic we wanted to host a full school event that would bring the school community together in a positive joyful way.  The 'Fantasia Festival' held on November 5th was a new brighter take on our usual Halloween celebrations. Every class in the Primary School had the chance to visit the sensory disco room where they danced and explored as well as a chance to visit the 'Library of Light'. Each child decorated their own star for an amazing mural outside the Library. The Year 6 students were lucky to  take part in some special Science experiments with the Secondary Science Teachers which they really enjoyed. To end the day, each year group in the Primary School performed a poem about light in the afternoon assembly. The poems were delightful and a chance for every student to shine bright. 

In Secondary we had one of the best participation rates for the dress up competition we have ever had. The range of costumes and the creativity shown was immense. The winners received their certificates and prizes in assembly on Friday afternoon. The Poetry Competition had a huge number of entries and made awarding the prizes very difficult. The poems really showed the creative writing talent that we have here at SIS. Overall, the Fantasia Festival brought smiles to our faces and showed how unique we all are.

More Photo link: https://bit.ly/3p7YQDv