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Oct 21 2020
Outstanding academic achievement by St. Stephen’s students
St. Stephen’s students in Years 11 - 13 have achieved outstanding examination results in 2020; the best in the school’s history. We are therefore very proud of the consistently strong public examination results achieved by our students, highlighting emphatically that across the ability range, one of our key priorities is the fulfilment of academic potential. With high expectations, the monitoring of progress, carefully considered enrichment activities and individually tailored support, we ensure that every child meets, and often exceeds those expectations.
Year 11 IGCSE Results
Year 11 students achieved 94% of grades at A - C at IGCSE Level, with 55 % of those grades being either A* or A. Overall, A* was the most common grade. More than 50% of the students achieved 5 or more A* - A grades. We are proud that St. Stephen’s gets the very best from all its students, their hard work and outstanding results at IGCSE setting a solid foundation, and the expectation to achieve excellence in the Sixth Form.  
Of particular note were:
• Mook. S, who achieved 9 A* grades
• Mickey, who achieved 8 A* grades 
• Bonus, who achieved 6 A* and 3 A grades
• Cartoon, who achieved 5 A* and 3 A grades
Year 12 A Level Results
Students in Yr. 12 also excelled, taking A Level Mathematics a year early, and achieving 50% of grades at A*- A and a 100% pass rate A*- B.
Year 13 A Level Results
At A Level, 36% of grades were at A* with an outstanding 66% at A*- A, and 94% A*- C. These results, as with those for IGCSE, are the best in the school’s history and bear testament to the focus and determination St. Stephen’s students are recognised for. With 47% of the Year 13 achieving three or more A* - A grades, all gained acceptance to their first-choice university, in Thailand and overseas.
Of particular note were:
• Boom Boom and Nida, who both achieved 4 A* grades
• Beauty and Ploydee, who both achieved 2 A* and 2 A grades
• Jack, who achieved 1 A* and 3 A grades
Our students are the first to recognise that their achievements would not have been possible without the dedication and inspiration of their teachers, these results upholding our vision to be a leading international school, and enabling our students to take their next steps on the way to becoming tomorrow’s leaders. 
Principal, John Rolfe, commented.
“It is satisfying to see the high standards of academic excellence being maintained, even through this difficult year. Students and staff have adapted well to the unusual circumstances, as we would expect, and have achieved some remarkable results. Our high achieving students compare to the very best in the world, and even those students who find more challenges with their studies have achieved a very good standard- congratulations to all”