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Energy Observer at Ocean Marina

Apr 29 2022

Students in Year 9 made the trip to Ocean Marina, Pattaya, to take a tour of the eco-yacht, Energy Observer. Originally a racing catamaran that achieved great success in ocean going competitions, it circumnavigated the globe four times in the process. Re-designed to incorporate the latest renewable energy technology, it was launched in 2012, having completed 30,000 miles since then and 15,000 since 2021. It is energy self-sufficient, using wind power as well as producing electricity from photoelectric cells and a fuel cell to drive its motors. Captain Jean-baptiste Sanchez and his crew welcomed students on board and gave them an in-depth explanation of how the yacht worked, as well as the importance of responsible 'green' energy production and pollution-free transport. Students were treated to a trip on a catamaran, utilising sail power, out into the Gulf of Thailand as well, rounding off what was a superb day as part of St. Stephen's Eco Week 2022.