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The Secondary School has a strong system of pastoral support. Every student belongs to a small tutor group made up of students from his or her year group. Each tutor group has a Form Tutor who is a member of the academic teaching staff. Students meet with their Tutor at the beginning and end of every school day. Wherever possible tutor groups will keep their Form Tutor from one year to the next.

Form Tutors will get to know their tutees very well and they will guide their students through the year. This is achieved in a number of ways including discussing reports, grades and subject choices with students individually, checking homework diaries, advising students over any problems they may have, meeting parents as necessary, organising a whole school assembly and leading activities in tutor time. Tutors also take the morning register and give any daily notices.

Tutors are assisted by the relevant Key Stage Manager who leads all the Tutors in their Key Stage. Key Stage Managers report to the Deputy Head of Secondary who regularly discusses pastoral matters with the Head of Secondary.


Pastoral Support in the Sixth Form

Pastoral support in Years 12 and 13 is led by the Head of Sixth Form and a team of Form Tutors. Each form group is created from both Year 12 and 13 students and meet with their tutor twice a day for registration, one to one mentoring and form activities.

We focus on guiding the students through the important decisions they have to make regarding higher education, careers and subject options in these years, as well as supporting students through any personal issues that might arise. We recognise that a strong team and friendly atmosphere helps to build a happy Sixth Form community and to this end we also organise termly social outings such as bowling or an end of term meal.


Pastoral Policies

The school's Child Protection Policy is available here.

The school's Anti-Bullying Policy is available here.