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Year 11 Trip to HIV Hospice Lopburi

Sep 24 2017
Year 11 Trip to HIV Hospice Lopburi

On Thursday 21 September, Year 11 students visited Wat Phrabatnampu in Lopburi Province, as part of the Thai Department's Community Service. This is a hospice for up to 500 patients suffering from HIV/AIDs and is one of St. Stephen's main Community Service partners. The students listened to a presentation about the work taking place at the Hospice and watched a performance that the patients had prepared for them. One of the patients sang a folk song and the students were particularly touched by the story of P'Muju, a lady from Northern Thailand who caught HIV/AIDs after becoming a victim of human trafficking in Thailand. A donation of 20,000thb has been made to the hospice from our Bikeathon fundraising. The students also made generous voluntary donations of goods and money desperately needed to help support the victims of this terrible disease.