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Wai Kru Ceremonies

Sep 29 2016

St. Stephen’s annual Wai Kru day took place on the 28th September 2016. This is a day where our students show their respect for our teachers and thank them for their work throughout the year. Students started off by designing and making flower trays for each of the teachers, using the school’s provided materials and other objects they brought from home.

The Primary Wai Kru Ceremony took place in Pavilion 1 from 08:00 to 09:00. The Secondary Wai Kru Ceremony started at 09:20. Both ceremonies started with some Thai music, and they both ended with a song sung by Ms. Mai of Year 5,  Ms. Mumu of Year 7 and Ms. Peace of Year 8.

The winners for the Primary Wai Kru flower tray were announced before the end of the Primary ceremony. Third place was the flower tray made by Year 4MS, second place was the flower tray Year 6JT made, and first place was the flower tray made by Year 5DM.

The winners for the Secondary Wai Kru flower trays were announced during the Secondary ceremony. First place was the flower tray from Year 7AKM, which was designed as a peacock lying on the tray. In second was the flower tray Year 7SCS made, which was designed as a trophy for the teachers. The flower tray Year 12/Year 13TR made was announced in third place. All the trays were handmade by our students and their respect was shown by the amount of care they put into their designs.  

A great deal of effort went into the organisation of the ceremonies by our Thai department. We would like to say a huge thank you to them all.